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Window Replacement

Ohio winters can get rough, so having a broken window or drafty windows just won’t do. Don’t let your heat eek out of your home! New windows are the best solution. Our team of window replacement experts will help you consider all the factors to help you get the right windows to match home’s needs. We offer a varied array of vinyl windows.

Here are the types vinyl windows we provide:

Double Hung
These metal-reinforced vinyl windows are easy to open and include foam-fill sashes, frames, and child safety locks that open to four inches.

Double Sliding
These easy-to-clean windows have sashes that open and swing in. Interlocking frame, double latches, double weather-stripping seal, and child safety locks are included.

Bay & Bow
Durable and supported from the frame of your house, bay, and bow windows have an interior seat depth of up to 19 inches. Casement end-windows open and close. Low-E glass and argon glass are available.

Doorwalls (Sliding Doors)
Available in any width from five to 12 feet, doorwalls come with self-lubricating titanium steel rollers, matching interior and exterior handles, an exterior keyed lock, a heavy-duty screen, a bolt lock that double-locks or locks at a four-inch opening, an interlocking frame, and double weather stripping. Polished brass or brushed chrome interior handles, beveled glass, low-E glass, and argon glass are available.

Wind- and weather-resistant casement windows feature removable interior screens, molded frames and multi-point locks that compress the double vinyl weather stripping. The sashes can be opened all the way. Also, the operating handles can be folded flat. Low-E glass and argon glass are available.

End-Vent Casement
End-vent casement windows have attractive center picture windows. They offer superior ventilation.

Double Casement
Double casement windows are easy to open and close, and seal tightly, too.

Single Casement
Single casement windows are available in widths up to 44 inches. They can be hinged on either the left or the right.

Awning Casement
These windows tilt open from the bottom about 30 degrees and are available in obscure glass for bathrooms. They keep rain out and offer good ventilation.

Transom Casement
Transom casement windows, consisting of a picture window above or below an awning casement, can be configured adjacently.

Suitable for kitchens, garden windows have an interior depth of about two feet and open on either end for good ventilation.

End-Vent & Center-Vent Sliding
End-vent and center-vent sliding windows are used in place of standard sliding windows for openings of more than 72 inches, and open at either end. They include two screens, sashes that swing in and standard child safety locks.

Non-moving, fusion-welded picture windows are made of insulating glass and multi-chambered insulating frames. This style of window can be configured with other types of windows. They are guaranteed.

Our Window Replacement Process

  • We’ll measure your window openings. This way we can customize the windows to fit.
  • We’ll call you to set up an installation date.
  • Windows are usually installed in one or two days.
  • We will haul away old or broken window(s).
  • We’ll cover your flooring with protective cloths around the windows of your house.
  • We’ll remove your old windows. We attempt to remove most types of windows without breaking any panes of glass.
  • We’ll install and adjust each new window, filling in where necessary with fiberglass insulation for a weatherproof, snug fit. We’ll also caulk the exterior.
  • We’ll reinstall the original interior stop molding around your windows.
  • We will cover the outside trim of most homes with aluminum for a maintenance-free exterior.
  • We’ll test each window to make sure it opens and closes easily.
  • We’ll clean up inside and out.
  • We’ll take the time to show you how your new windows work and answer any questions.

Trust Action Door and Window to fix your broken window or drafty windows with beautiful vinyl windows! Call for new windows today!